Drew’s Life

20 years old
Sophomore at Auburn University
Trombone player for Auburn University Marching Band
President of AU Cappella

AU_vs_TAMU.9.17.2016 - 013.jpg

19 years old
Freshman at Auburn University
Trombone player for Auburn University Marching Band
Secretary of AU Cappella


18 years old
Senior at Auburn High School
Trombone player in the AHS Wind Symphony and Jazz Band


17 years old
11th Grade
Earned rank of Eagle in Boy Scouts

Christmas_Day_2014 - 23

New Driver - 2

16 years old
10th Grade
Started dating Caitlyn
Went to Homecoming with Caitlyn

249.365 {Before the Game}

15 years old
9th Grade
Started marching in the AHS band

2012 - 08

14 years old
8th Grade
1st year at Auburn Jr. High
Finished last season in Auburn Thunder
Played rec soccer in the Fall
Boy Scout Camp for a week at Camp Sequoyah, GA
Attended NYLT: National Youth Leadership Training
Marched in the Auburn High School Marching Band

13th Birthday

13 years old
7th Grade
Last year of middle School
Made Auburn Thunder for U13 Team
Boy Scout Camp for a week:
Camp Daniel Boone, NC
Started playing in the band: Trombone
Made 1st chair
Ran Cross-Country for Auburn Junior High

Strike Out Cancer {5K Race}

12 years old
6th Grade
First year of middle School
Made Auburn Thunder for U12 Team
Boy Scout Camp for a week:
Camp Daniel Boone, NC
Ran two 5K races and did very well

my ELEVEN year old.....

January 2009
11 years old
5th Grade
Last year in elementary school
Made Auburn Thunder for the U11 Team
Last year in Cub Scouts


10 years old
4th Grade
Got a Nintendo DS
Got asked to play for the Auburn Thunder

"I tamed it!"

January 2007
9 years old
3rd Grade
Got my first pet, Oreo, the velveteen rabbit
Played 1st season of U10 soccer & had an undefeated season
Moved to a new house

Birthday Boy with Auburn Cheerleaders

8 years old
2nd Grade
Joined the Cub Scouts
Played 1st season of U10 soccer
Went on my first camp out & mom even came with us!
Started 3rd Grade


7 years old
1st Grade
Cruised to Cozumel


6 years old
Became a BIG brother!
Flew to Texas by myself!
Learned to tie my shoes
Started first grade!
Lost my top 2 teeth!
Started 1st Grade


5 years old
Last year in Day Care
Went on 1st cruise

Braves 2005

4 years old
Started playing sports


January 2001
3 years old
Flew in airplane for the 1st time with Mom
Had my own goldfish


2 years old
January 2000
Moved to my new house
Got Rosie!

1st Birthday

1st Birthday!
January 1999
Held cup
Stayed with Gramma & Granpa McMahon for almost 2 wks!

Santa 1998

11 months old
December 1998
7th & 8th tooth
Stood alone
Moved to duplex
1st Step


10 months old
November 1998
No more baby food!
5th & 6th tooth
1st hair cut
1st trip to Texas


9 months old
October 1998
19 lbs. 12 oz.
Started cruisin’
Crawled up stairs
Waved bye-bye

Drew's 1st "Professional" Portrait

8 months old
September 1998
18 lbs. 13 oz.
Fed self cracker
Pulled self up
Said “ma-ma”
Learned to clap
3rd & 4th tooth
Started eating in high chair

Playing in his walker

7 months old
August 1998
17 lbs. 12 oz.
26 1/2 inches long
Moved backwards in walker
2nd tooth
Sage alone
Went from lying down to sitting up
Drank from cup


6 months old
July 1998
16 lbs. 12 oz.
26 inches long
Eats carrots
Ate peaches
Ate bananas
1st ear infection
Learned to get on all 4s
1st tooth

Baby TV Boy (used on website)

5 months old
June 1998
15 lbs. 6 oz.
24 1/2 inches long
Sat up on elbows
Drank pear juice
Ate veggies (sweet potatoes)
Ate green beans


4 months old
May 1998
13 lbs. 8 oz.
24 inches long
Says “oo”, “ga”, & “ah”
Rolled over
Found hands


3 months old
April 1998
12 lbs. 6 oz.
23 1/2 inches long
Shook a rattle
Sat Supported
Said “ma” & “ga”
Ate cereal in bottle

Baby TV Boy

2 months old
March 1998
11 lbs. 2 oz.
22 inches long

Close up of Daddy laying with Baby
1 month old
February 1998
9 lbs. 4 oz.
20 3/4 inches long

Baby A Just Got Home!
January 23, 1998
8 lbs. 14 oz.
20 1/2 inches long

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